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The long-term objective of the Enel Américas Group is clearly defined, to keep ESG variables integrated into our business model, and thus add value to each of our stakeholders.

This will allow us to achieve a zero CO2 emissions Company by 2040, contributing to the region's energy transition and promoting the electrification of consumption through a wide range of innovative products for our customers.

Enel Américas' main strategic actions have an integrated and sustainable approach, and are updated considering the energy scenario of the region and how the Company manages to achieve its sustainable growth objectives.

Creating value for ALL our stakeholders

Our risk management system allows us to identify, classify and manage risks efficiently, in order to support management in making informed decisions aimed at mitigating impacts and transforming risk into business opportunities.
Our Group aims to decarbonize its activities by 2050. This means that we will stop producing CO2 and there will no longer be any need for any measures to offset emissions.
Innovation and sustainability are an inseparable combination in our business model, together with the spirit of service and attention to the well-being of people and society. This will allow us to generate long-term value, thanks to an offer that can naturally meet what stakeholders will need in the future.
Our Group is committed to the development of sustainable finance through transactions that link our sustainability strategy with finance charges.